Gliding on the element of air.

Wisdom floats on the wings of the wind.

Feather elicits honor and strength.

Macaw evokes elegance and healing.

Plumage of protection.

Peace and love embrace.


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“Flight” features macaw and white dove feathers. This feather tapestry textile display was created to stimulate positive energy and imagination.


These designs were created to balance subtle energies and vitalize living spaces, workplaces, businesses, yoga studios, meditation spaces, and art studios. This artwork is a spectacular addition to an environmentally friendly lifestyle and celebrates a deeper connection with the natural way of life.


The eco-art wall hangings are digitally printed with a certified 100% USA organic cotton twill textile and biodegradable, non-toxic inks using a waterless printing process. The USA organic cotton was grown in Texas, spun in North Carolina, manufactured in South Carolina, finished in California, printed in Missouri, and sewn in Arizona. The designs are personally cut and sewn with 100% GOTS organic cotton thread. The entire supply chain adheres to strict practices to ensure the artwork is genuinely ethical and sustainable.



Approx. 33" x 26" x .5" and ready to hang. 

Two 18 x 1" steel nails are included.

  - 100% Certified USA Organic Cotton
  - 100% GOTS Organic Cotton Thread
  - OEKO-TEX and GOTS Certified Inks
  - Zinc Screw Eye Hooks
  - USA Oak Dowel

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